Thursday, March 29, 2012

uPVC door hardware wrap array of uPVC accessories

uPVC Door HardwareuPVC door hardware or PVC door hardware consists of uPVC window handles, uPVC door handles, uPVC letterboxes, window and door furniture, uPVC door locks and many more uPVC double glazing parts. The range of uPVC door hardware is extensive!

There are so many leading companies which are providing uPVC door hardware in variety of new designs in UK and London.

Some of the most popular uPVC door hardware available in the market include trickle vents (slot vents), window furniture and locks for timber windows including window stays and latch fasteners and high grade euro cylinders for replacement uPVC door and window lock barrels.

UPVC door hardware contains products that can improve your window security and window safety. UPVC door hardware consists of friction hinges and window restrictors and the range of possibilities from a conventional window hinge to a child safety window restrictor.

Adding to the wide range of uPVC door hardware and also to the security to your home, uPVC door hardware include anti bump, anti snap lock barrels for those uPVC euro door locks. Endorsed by the Institute of Certified Locksmiths (ICL) these door locks are high specification. Lock bumping is a new crime that allows burglars to easily tamper with your euro lock and means that burglaries can go undetected.

Another PVC, PVC-u, uPVC windows and doors hardware which is ruling the market now-a-days is uPVC door handles. These uPVC door hardware are now available in white. These type of uPVC door hardware are available in new colours and include Pewter uPVC door handles and Bronze uPVC door handles.

uPVC door hardware also comprises extra long trickle vents now available upto 5000 sqmm for cooler summer nights and less condensation.
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