Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fitting uPVC Front Doors by Expert uPVC Door Fitter

Fitting uPVC Front Door
uPVC Door fitters helps you to fitting uPVC doors, which is used as front doors, back doors, entry doors, entrance doors, exterior doors and internal doors too. UPVC door fitter is called in when a PVC-U door has its lock failed.

The dropping of uPVC door is the most common complaint by customers after they have had a new uPVC door installed, even when the rest of the uPVC door fitting or installation seemed 'perfect'.

Part of the reason why so many doors drop is laziness that uPVC door fitter exhibits while fitting uPVC doors. The reason is uPVC door fitters are insufficiently educated and unaware of how imperative it is to get the toeing and heeling right the first time.

The best way to educate uPVC door fitter is for their boss to send them out in their own time to do a free of charge service call on a dropped door that they fitted! It has often been pointed out that all fitting problems can usually be traced back to management, and that could just be true, as most uPVC door fitters are just uneducated and unaware.

Also, just maybe the management is buying in a cheaper alternative packer to the one the uPVC door fitter recommends and specifies. To put that comment in perspective, the correct Eurocell system bridge packers for example are something under 10p each, whereas flat generic packers of the same width, length, and height build, and "they do the job, don't they" are around say 2p each. Multiply the pence difference by the many thousands used a year by just a small outfit, and you get the idea!

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Therefore, it is very important that you have the right uPVC door fitter to fitting your uPVC front door.
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